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Research is at the heart of EURECOM's mission


EURECOM's mission is to carry out research to support and contribute to the evolution of information society.

This research has a direct impact on teaching through constant updating of courses as well as through direct intervention in the teaching projects that are also often research projects.





EURECOM's research activity is at the heart of school life and focus on 3 main domains:



Key Features


  • A research team made up of international experts recruited at the highest level and whose work is regularly honored
  • A population of about 50 doctoral students on site and roughly 15 CIFRE Phd Students.
  • Numerous publications that are often awarded prizes
  • Strong involvement in research valorization with a number of patents and software registered
  • Strong involvement in contractual research nationally and internationally
  • Participation in scientific societies, editorial committees of magazines, organization of conferences and participation in their program committees.




Digital Security Department

  • Security Protocols and Applied Cryptography
  • Software and Systems Security
  • Networking
  • Distributed Systems


Data Science Department

  • Big Data and Cloud Computing Systems
  • Machine, Deep and Adversarial Learning, Statistical Inference
  • Information Extraction and Retrieval
  • Open and Linked Data and Semantic Web


Communication Systems Department

  • Information and Communication Theory
  • Systems and Protocols for Cellular and Heterogeneous Networks
  • Device-centric and machine type communications, Internet of Things
  • Analysis of large-scale radio systems
  • Cloud and Mobile Computing Architectures
  • Open source 5G (OpenAirInterface International Software Alliance)
  • Vehicular proximity networks and ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems)