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Optimisation de forme Free surface flows Calculus of variations Numerical analysis Viscosity solutions Reaction-diffusion equations Transport equation Hamilton-Jacobi equations Error estimates Computational fluid dynamics Mesh adaptation Contact Inverse problem Structured populations Boundary conditions Gross-Pitaevskii equation Mean field games Incompressible fluid Cancer Domain decomposition methods Tumor growth Adaptive evolution Stability Partial differential equations Hamilton-Jacobi equation Relaxation Finite volumes Maxwell equations Stabilization Existence Navier-Stokes equations Homogenization Null controllability Control Finite volume scheme Uncertainty quantification Schrödinger equation Fluid-structure interaction Boltzmann equation Finite elements Gradient flow Heat equation Pontryagin maximum principle Numerical simulation Numerical simulations Shells Asymptotic analysis Travelling waves Neural networks Analyse asymptotique Analyse numérique Inverse problems Mathematical biology Robustness Cardiac electrophysiology A posteriori error estimate Elasticity Finite volume method Periodic homogenization Modeling Population dynamics Dimension reduction General relativity Discontinuous Galerkin Integro-differential equations Optimal control Controllability Backstepping Level set method Grenoble Traveling waves Asymptotic behavior Wave equation Domain decomposition Data assimilation Mathematical modeling Finite volume Imaging in complex media A posteriori error estimates Kinetic equations Linear elasticity Interaction fluide-structure Observability FreeFem++ Finite element method Modélisation Optimization Asymptotics Maximum principle Shape optimization Gamma-convergence Finite element Hyperbolic systems Blood flow Chemotaxis Décomposition de domaine Numerical methods Cell population dynamics Nonlinear elasticity Hemodynamics