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[hal-01741405] Damping of coupled harmonic oscillators  (26/03/18)  
[hal-01667505] Phase modulation of atom waves: theory and experiment using the atom optics analogue of the Kerr effect  (16/02/18)  
[hal-01666553] A millimeter magnetic trap for a dual (85Rb and 87Rb) species atom interferometer  (06/02/18)  
[hal-01581398] Pancharatnam phase: A tool for atom optics  (11/01/18)  
[hal-01401549] Damping mechanisms of a pendulum  (11/01/18)  
[hal-01370727] The Sagnac effect: 20 years of development in matter-wave interferometry  (21/03/18)  
[hal-01280825] Observation of Atom-Wave Beats Using a Kerr Modulator for Atom Waves  (11/01/18)  
[hal-01165426] A more accurate theory of a flexible-beam pendulum  (11/01/18)  
[hal-00995282] Microwave control of the interaction between two optical photons  (11/01/18)  
[tel-00958827] Expériences en interférométrie atomique: application à la mesure des phases géométriques He-McKellar-Wilkens et Aharonov-Casher  (11/01/18)  
[hal-00917708] Measurement of the Aharonov-Casher geometric phase with a separated-arm atom interferometer  (11/01/18)  
[hal-00917008] Note: A passively cooled heat pipe for spectroscopy  (11/01/18)  
[hal-00916992] Storage and Control of Optical Photons Using Rydberg Polaritons  (11/01/18)  
[hal-00916983] Measurement of the He-McKellar-Wilkens Topological Phase by Atom Interferometry and Test of Its Independence with Atom Velocity  (11/01/18)  
[hal-00869947] Test of the He-McKellar-Wilkens topological phase by atom interferometry. Part II: the experiment and its results.  (11/01/18)  


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Cohérence Lorentz invariance Effet Stark ATOMS MASER Atome de lithium Coherence Lithium atoms Hyperfine splitting Diffraction laser Hydrogen Franges d'interférence Accurate measurement Experiment Index of refraction of gases Atomic polarisability Anisotropy Collisions atome-atome Interferometry High finesse Glory oscillations Laser diffraction of atoms Mesures de précision Inertial effects Neutron stars Parallel velocity Topological phase Stark effect Aharonov-Bohm Decoherence Matter wave Diffraction Birefringences Atom interferometers Interférométrie atomique Optique atomique Lithium NOBLE-GASES Optical pumping High phase sensitivity Interférometrie atomique Compensation Close-coupling CAVITY Mesure de polarisabilité Sagnac effect Diode-pumped solid state lasers Diffraction atomique Low energy transfer rate Phase géométrique FIELD Fringe visibility Muonic hydrogen Frequency metrology Intérométrie Indice de réfraction Zeeman effect Birefringence Lensing Geometrical phase Atom diffraction Diffraction de Bragg Interference fringes High precision Fringe phase shift Laser diffraction Fringe contrast Interferometrie atomique Geometric phases Atom interferometer Atom optics Détecteur à fil chaud Atom Interferometry Measurement of h/m Inertial sensor Diffraction atomique par laser Aharonov-Casher Diffraction d'une onde atomique Magneto-optics Electro-optics Ring cavity Laser cooling of atoms Non reciprocal effect Indice de réfraction d'un gaz Effet Aharonov-Bohm He-McKellar-Wilkens Fringevisibility Electric polarizability Frequency doubling Cooling effect Axion Atomic Bloch states Aharonov-Bohm effect Aharononov-Bohm Bragg diffraction Atom inerteferometry Cold atoms Atom interferometry Effet Zeeman Interferometer defects