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[hal-00802738] Photoelectron angular distributions from the ionization of xenon Rydberg states by mid-infrared radiation

Angle-resolved photoelectron spectra, resulting from the strong-field ionization of atoms or molecules, carry a rich amount of information on ionization pathways, electron dynamics, and the target structure. We have investigated angle-resolved photoelectron spectra arising from the nonresonant ionization of xenon Rydberg atoms in the multiphoton regime, using intense midinfrared radiation from a free-electron laser. The experimental data reveal a rich oscillatory structure in the low-order above-threshold ionization region. By performing quantum-mechanical and semiclassical calculations, the observed oscillations could be well reproduced and explained by both a multiphoton absorption picture as by a model invoking electron wave-packet interferences. Furthermore, we demonstrate that the shape and orientation of the initial Rydberg state leaves its own fingerprint on the final angular distribution.

[hal-03017838] VUV photo processing of large cationic PAHs in astrophysical conditions: coupling a VUV source to the PIRENEA setup


[hal-02989143] Dependence upon charge of the vibrational spectra of small Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon clusters: the example of pyrene


[hal-02915964] Threshold collision induced dissociation of pyrene cluster cations


[hal-02375800] Thermal evaporation of pyrene clusters


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[hal-01973147] Size-dependent proton localization in hydrated uracil clusters: A joint experimental and theoretical study


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[hal-01504602] A gas aggregation source for the production of heterogeneous molecular clusters


[tel-01388605] Collisions agrégats-molécules : attachement, fragmentation, nanocalorimétrie


[hal-01162950] Attachment of Water and Alcohol Molecules onto Water and Alcohol Clusters


[hal-00983145] Experimental nanocalorimetry of protonated and deprotonated water clusters


[hal-00776890] Heat capacities of mass selected deprotonated water clusters


[hal-00776882] Attachment cross-sections of protonated and deprotonated water clusters


[hal-00747636] Macroscopic extension of RRK and Weisskopf models of unimolecular evaporation