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L’IRSAMC (The Institute of Research on Complex Atomic and Molecular Systems) is a federation of four laboratories (LCAR, LCPQ, LPCNO, LPT), in physics and fundamental chemistry whose research activities are supported both by the Université Paul Sabatier, the CNRS and INSA

Publications of 4 research laboratories

  • Hal-LCAR. - Laboratory Collisions Clusters Reactivity, from 1990 until todays
  • Hal-LCPQ. - Quantum Chemistry and Physics Laboratory, from 2007 until todays
  • Hal-LPCNO. - Physics and Chemistry of Nano Objects Laboratory, from 2006 until todays
  • Hal-LPT.- Theoretical Physics Laboratory, from 2003 until todays

Main advantages and functioning of Hal

Main advantages

  • Long-term archiving, sustainability of the deposits
  • Better visibility of the scientific productivity
  • Open access, accessible everywhere
  • Possibility of establishing lists of publications


  • The deposit of a document requires the agreement of its authors, and it must respect editor policy.
  • If no agreement has been spent, deposit only the bibliographical note
  • Beware ! Once a document is put online, it cannot be withdrawn. New versions may be added.


To deposit a document

Last submission

[hal-02531313] Quantum mechanics-based signal and image denoising  (04/04/2020)   Moins
Decomposition of digital signals and images into other basis or dictionaries than time or space domains is a very common approach in signal and image processing and analysis. Such a decomposition is commonly obtained using fixed transforms (e.g., Fourier or wavelet) or dictionaries learned from example databases or from the signal or image itself. In this work, we investigate in detail a new approach of constructing such a signal or image-dependent bases inspired by quantum mechanics tools, i.e., by considering the signal or image as a potential in the discretized Schroedinger equation. To illustrate the potential of the proposed decomposition, denoising results are reported in the case of Gaussian, Poisson and speckle noise and compared to state of the art algorithms based on wavelet shrinkage, total variation regularization or patch-wise sparse coding in learned dictionaries.

[hal-02530503] All Visible Light Switch Based on the Dimethyldihydropyrene Photochromic Core  (05/04/2020)   Plus
[hal-02527292] Interaction of hydantoin with solar wind minority ions: O6+ and He2+  (02/04/2020)   Plus
[hal-02527190] Analytical results for the capacitance of a circular plate capacitor  (02/04/2020)   Plus
[hal-02525689] Properties of phonon modes of an ion-trap quantum computer in the Aubry phase  (01/04/2020)   Plus

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