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Iron compounds Raman spectroscopy Ab initio calculations Antibacterial activity Magnetic properties and materials Nanostructures Photoemission Nanocrystal III-V semiconductors Silver Microstructure Grazing incidence X-ray diffraction NANOKIN code Photoluminescence FTIR spectroscopy Oxides Couches minces FTIR Phonons Solid-state dewetting Carbon monoxide oxidation Effets quantiques nucléaires Magnesium compounds Conduction bands Magnesium oxide Faceting Local structure Nuclear quantum effects Nanoparticles Dioxyde de titane MgO Argent Force field Magnesium oxides Chemical bonding Clusters XPS Surface science Magnetron sputtering Structure Palladium Path integrals Raman spectra Intercalation compounds Monolayers Magnetic properties of nanostructures Out-of-equilibrium dynamic properties Defects Adsorption Grazing incidence small angle X-ray scattering Metal/oxide interface Density functional theory Ultra-thin films Segregation Computer simulation Iron aluminide Lithium compounds Magnetic properties Carbon Lithium-ion batteries Metals Li-ion batteries DFT Cobalt Quantum thermal bath Nucleation Numerical simulation studies Oxygen Intégrales de chemin Density functional calculations Metal oxide nanoparticles Layered compounds Lithium batteries 7322−f Molecular dynamics ZnO Thin films Phospho-olivines Iron Oxidation Chemisorption Gold nanoparticles Quantum nuclear effects Scanning tunneling microscopy Interfaces Lattice dynamics Platinum Model catalyst X-ray diffraction Heterogeneous catalysis GISAXS Olivine Water Edgeworth expansion EPR Spinel Miscibility gap Metal-insulator boundaries Nucleation and growth Vibrational spectroscopy