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You are on the home page of the EPOS-FRANCE collection, a subset of the open archive HAL.

This collection contains:

- documents illustrating the life of the French research infrastructure Epos-France : station photos, instrument network maps, videos, project presentation posters...
- documents related to seismic events in metropolitan France and overseas departments: photos of damage caused by earthquakes, images of post-seismic missions, post-seismic reports, etc.
- thesis, communications and scientific articles resulting from research using Epos-France data

With rare exceptions, the images and other documents in this archive are distributed under a Creative Common "Attribution 4.0 International" license (CC BY 4.0), i.e. their use, transformation or any other use, including commercial use, is free, subject to quotation by the author.

To deposit documents in this archive, just add the keyword "Epos-France" in the metadata.

Epos-France represents France's participation in EPOS (European Plate Observing System), a research infrastructure (RI) whose mission is to integrate existing national and transnational RIs to monitor and undestand the dynamic and complex solid Earth system.

In 2023, Epos-France became a national RI, taking over from Résif-Epos (French seismological and geodetic network). All the themes previously integrated into Résif automatically join Epos-France, as well as all French solid Earth research. They contribute to the development of multi-disciplinary research for a better understanding of the physical and chemical processes of the solid Earth.


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